Private Collection from Trip Man

Over the years I have collected a number of classic cameras. I only buy what I really like. Some of the cameras I actually use, some are displayed in my home. The thing they all have in common is that I love them and they are all just high quality items. 

When I'm looking to buy a camera, I do lots of research and spend hours looking for the best examples of the camera that I can find. They may not be absolutely mint, but not far off it, because I take great pleasure in owning the best of something. I am not a serious collector, and I sometimes let some cameras go to fund others that I am interested in.

So I have created a section on my website for the classic cameras that I am reluctantly letting go of. I don't mind if they don't sell, because I am happy with them, but I do think that other people will enjoy them as much as I do and I hope they get used by someone who loves their analogue photography. 

The SLR cameras I have tend to be from the era when I was getting into photography myself, so the 1970's and 1980's. This is the same period as Olympus Trip 35 cameras. Those were the days when cameras were built from metal and were made to last.