Trip 35 Servicing and Refurbishment for UK Customers

We now offer an exclusive service for our UK customers; a fixed-price refurbishment and repair service, with a 12-month warranty, for the Olympus Trip 35 camera.

Trip Man has been buying, refurbishing and selling Olympus Trip 35 cameras since about 2002. Every camera sold has been meticulously dismantled, fixed, cleaned and rebuilt, with new light seals and if required, new leather applied. We are so confident in the quality of our cameras that we offer a world-wide 12-month warranty.

Now we are extending our offering to include a refurbishment service for customers' own cameras. We take the same care and exercise the same high level of detail to fix and clean all Trip 35 cameras sent to us. 

When we buy cameras, we can see that 95% of them require some work. It is normal for a 40-year-old mechanical camera to have some issues, such as sticky aperture blades, deteriorated light seals and other mechanical failures. It is often due to lack of use. Sometimes defects occur when the camera has had a knock or drop. 

We often see dented filter/ASA rings - they are vulnerable on the front of the lens. Other jolts and bangs can displace mechanisms inside and a shock can render the light meter unserviceable.

Light cells and meters often become defective. Sometimes it is due to age - especially if the light cells have been left exposed to the light for a prolonged period, e.g., the camera has been stored in the open with no case or lens cap. Effectively, the light meter has then been activated (switched on) for ages and just wears out.

Our service will make sure that everything works as it should, from the light cells to the shutter. We make sure the lens and viewfinder is clear. We clean the camera inside and out. We dry-lubricate the aperture, shutter and auto mechanism. The red flag can stick for various reasons - we make sure it works as intended; the flag pops up in the viewfinder when there is insufficient light when set to 'A' for auto. 

We make sure the light meter is accurate, the lens focus is set correctly and the shutter speeds are right. We test the flash hot shoe and synch sockets work with flash guns. The wind-on and rewind mechanisms are checked and fixed as required.

Over the years the leatherette can deteriorate, get dirty and peel off at the edges. Some are fine with just a clean-up. Others are better replaced with new leather. We have a range of different colours, textures and finishes. Our customer can order their choice of genuine cowhide leather from our range to make their camera more individual and lovely to hold and use.

Your camera may have dents and scratches to the body. This is part of the history of the camera and it is individual. It is your camera and you can appreciate the patina. We clean all the metalwork to make it the best it can be.

Because we only work on the Trip 35, we have become experts and have a passion for these little beauties! You can entrust your pride and joy, your family heirloom or recently purchased classic camera to us, safe in the knowledge that we will breathe new life into it, making it fun to use for many years to come.

Servicing by Trip Man.