Trip Man

Neutral Density ND 43.5mm filter - NEW


New ND 43.5mm filter for Olympus Trip 35 cameras.

A neutral denisty filter reduces the amount of light entering the camera for more creative control over the exposure.  These come in 3 different strengths, 0.3 (ND2 = 1 stop), 0.6 (ND4 = 2 stops) and 0.9 (ND8 = 3 stops). 

By decreasing the amount of light coming through the lens, the aperture can be opened up (by the appropriate number of stops) to use a wider aperture (smaller f-number), which will decrease the depth of field and help to isolate your subject from the background and/or foreground. 

These filters have been made for Trip Man to our own specification so that the filter thread depth is perfect to fit the Trip's lens - some other filters may not have sufficient depth to clear the lens as it moves in and out as the focus is adjusted. 

The filters have a metal rim and a resin lens and come in a nice jewel case. 

Perfect for use with our manual exposure Trip 35 cameras. Can be used for B&W and colour film. The filters are designed for use with the Olympus Trip 35 and may not fit other cameras with a 43.5mm screw thread.

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