Trip Man

Rare Black Trip 35


Rare black version of the Olympus Trip 35 in lovely condition. Fully serviced and in great working order. Beautifully clear lens with no scratches, dust, fungus or marks. New light seals. Red flag works in low light. 

No dents, just some brassing on edges - a very nice gentle patina. 

Very few of these black versions were built in comparison to the standard chrome version. Not many have survived. This one is in particularly nice condition. 

Serial number 275648. The film pressure plate shows the date symbols B94, which shows that it was built in April 1969, just 1 year after they started making Trip 35 cameras.

The camera's original black leatherette is intact and is nice and clean. The original gold 'PASSED' sticker is present next to the shutter button (later models have the sticker on the other side of the hotshoe). 

We have cleaned the camera inside and out, cleaning all of the lens elements and dry-lubricating the shutter and aperture blades. The shutter speeds appear correct (1/40 and 1/200).

A very nice camera for the collector - perfect for everyday use too! You will attract attention as most people would not have seen one of these. We only get these in stock about once a year! (I've kept one for myself of course - my pride and joy!)

Supplied with original Olympus push-on lens cap. Consider getting a UV or skylight filter to further protect the lens and maybe a case and wrist strap. 

Comes with our no-quibble 6-month worldwide warranty.

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