Olympus 35mm Camera Accessories

Trip Man stock a wide range of accessories for the Olympus Trip 35 camera as well as other Olympus 35mm classic cameras. Many of the Olympus cameras from the 1960's to the 1980's use the same accessories. For example, the Trip 35 has a 43.5mm filter thread and shares this size with the Pen EE series cameras as well as the 35RC camera.

We source original Olympus accessories such as lens caps, lens hoods, filters, straps, cases, flash guns and instructions. Many Olympus enthusiasts prefer to keep their equipment as original as possible. These accessories were designed especially for the camera and therefore work perfectly. They may also add to the value of the camera outfit. We like to supply the original 43.5mm Olympus UV or Skylight silver-rimmed filters for example. These are getting hard to find now. We have some original boxed 43.5mm metal lens hoods. These were a great find, a batch of new old stock from a camera shop. 

Trip Man have also commissioned a range of our own 43.5mm filters. These are made especially with the Trip 35 in mind. Some non-Olympus brand filters are too shallow and foul the lens when it is focussed to the closest setting. Our custom-made filters are sufficiently deep to ensure that they do not interfere with the lens focus. 

We do stock some other non-Olympus products, such as Gordy leather straps and bespoke hardwood camera grips. These have been sourced by Trip Man as they are the perfect partner for Olympus cameras and will improve the handling, comfort and security of carrying the camera. We are the main UK reseller for Gordy straps. They are hand-made in the USA and are possibly the best camera straps in the world.

We hand make our own photo frames, designed to protect your photos from the elements. They are constructed from the highest quality exotic hard wood with cotton museum mounts and UV glass.

We aim to be the one-stop shop for 35mm classic Olympus camera enthusuasts.