Colour and B & W 35mm film

Trip Man aims to stock a range of 35mm film suitable for use with the Olympus Trip 35 and other 35mm cameras.

We have selected films from the best manufacturers, Ilford for black and white and Fuji for colour. We only stock 36 exposure film as we believe it represents the best value for money. 

Ilford 35mm B & W film - we have chosen 3 films to give the best range. The FP4 Plus is the best tried and tested 125 ASA film on the market and gives lovely smooth, fine grain with a medium level of contrast.

HP5 Plus is our choice for faster 400 ASA film. It has slightly more grain then the FP4 and a little more contrast. A 400 ISO gives better shutter and aperture combinations in wider lighting conditions, e.g. cloudy days or indoors, where 125 ISO might not be fast enough.

Ilford XP2 is a unique black and white film that can be processed in standard colour chemicals - such as your local High Street photo lab. It has a wide exposure latitude and is quite forgiving in difficult lighting situations, making this an ideal choice for a wide range of assignments. 

Fujifilm gives wonderful dynamic colour and lovely skin tones. We love the vivid, bold colours compared to the more mute colours from Kodak films for example. Our Fujicolor C200 is a great budget all purpose film. Fujicolor Superia X-TRA 400 is a brilliant fast film. It has superbly fine grain for a 400 ISO film.