Hardwood Camera Grips

Are you looking for hardwood camera grips that are designed to make your camera a lot more comfortable? If that’s so, then we can help you out! At Trip Man, we have a host of hardwood camera grips that will completely upgrade your device. They’re all specifically designed for Olympus cameras, and this accessory is a must-have for any photographer that wants to get the best out of their camera.
Give Your Camera A Serious Upgrade
All of our hardwood camera grips are designed to do two things; improve the look of your camera, and improve the way it feels in your hands. The base part of the grip is there to increase the depth of the camera, which does a couple of things. For one, it makes the camera much easier for you to hold in one hand. Secondly, it makes the camera way more secure when you’re holding it. As such, you can feel more confident that you won’t drop the camera and that it’ll remain steady in your hand when you shoot with it.

Then, there’s the side part of the grip that protrudes from the front of the camera. This is here to give your hands far more control when using the camera. Your fingers will fit over the groove with ease, meaning you can get a very steady shot and won’t end up with any blurred images! We stock a variety of different grips, some of which come with finger grooves in them for added comfort.

Every hardwood camera grip we sell will have a metal push button that’s used to operate the camera’s film release button. There’s also a space cut out at the end of the grip that allows the camera film case to open and close.
Quality Hardwood Grips For Olympus Cameras
As we mentioned, all of our grips have been made specifically for different vintage Olympus cameras. This ensures that they are made to fit your specific camera down to a tee. There will be no issues with the grip looking too big or being too small; it’ll be just right.

What’s more, we sell grips in a plethora of colours as well. From walnut to oak, and even wenge - we’ve got so many choices for you to have a look at and get your hands on!
Exclusive Camera Grips
It’s well worth noting that all of our hardwood camera grips are entirely exclusive to us here at Trip Man. You can’t get them anywhere else, so make sure you come to us if you’re interested in this magnificent accessory. We ship worldwide as well, just take a look on our site for more details of shipping arrangements and deliveries.
Order Your Hardwood Camera Grips Today
Head on over to the Accessories page on our site, and you’ll see all of our hardwood camera grips. Feel free to browse through them all before ordering one today! We offer fast delivery all over the UK, and please give us a call or email if you have any questions about these products.