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  • Olympus OM System T20 electronic flash gun

    In excellent working condition, with protective black pouch.

    Guide number of 20.

    Providing TTL flash on OM2, OM3, OM4 and auto/manual on OM1 and OM10 cameras. Can be used on any Olympus camera.

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  • Used Auto and Manual compact electronic flash gun. In good condition.

    Suits the Trip well - small and user-friendly. Use on hotshoe or synch socket.

    Various manufacturers, most taking 2 AA batteries (not included).

    Tested and in full working order.

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  • Used Original Olympus Trip 35 hotshoe cover. These will fit other Olympus cameras such as 35RC, 35RD and 35SP.

    This is a black plastic accessory that protects the hotshoe when not using the flash gun. These are normally lost and are hard to replace.

    A nice original accessory for the Trip 35 enthusiast.

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  • Trip Man has produced our own version of an instruction book for the PS 200.

    These instructions have nice clear pages with B & W illustrations.

    We have simplified the instructions and this is a good budget alternative to original Olympus Instruction Booklets, which are more costly due to limited availability.

    These Trip Man instructions are in English version only.

    All you need to know to get started using your PS 200 Flash

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