Olympus Trip Cameras

Capture A Moment In Time With Premium Quality Refurbished Olympus Trip Cameras.

Embrace A Cult Classic

Between its original production run between 1967 and 1984, the Olympus Trip 35 established itself as one of the best-selling cameras on the market with sales topping 10 million! Despite being discontinued almost 35 years ago, it’s popularity still runs strong today. Trip Man is here to help you rediscover a cult classic – or find a new love with the greatest compact film camera ever to exist.

It’s not hard to see why so many people still adore the Olympus Trip 35 camera. Its easy point-and-shoot facilities are supported by the use of just two shutter speeds and a four position zoom focus. This combination of simplicity and control is a winner with photographers of all backgrounds and experience levels.

Apart from the practicality of its function, the Olympus Trip 35 carries a lightweight design that can comfortably hang around the neck while exploring new places on holidays or days out. Users can capture the moment at the click of a button with that comfort and speed being touted as big selling points back in its heyday. If anything, those simply joys feel even more enjoyable in today’s world.

And when you’ve finished shooting, there’s nothing like the excitement of getting those 35mm films developed into real photos. Digital might be the norm, analogue is still the greatest by far.

Quality Guaranteed

At Trip Man, we’ve adored the Olympus Trip 35 for generations, and love nothing more than helping fellow photography enthusiasts fall back in love with the incredible model. We stock a wide range of the compact camera of varying ages and colours while all units are given the same care and attention during the refurbishment processes so that you can enjoy a camera that looks and feels as good as new.

We take great pride in our restoration work, which is why all cameras come with a 6-month guarantee. When looked after properly, though, your Olympus will provide the same durability that it did when first hitting the market over half a century ago.

Go back to a magical time by looking through the viewfinder and, with the click of a button, the magic will be brought into all of your future photos.

Picture Perfect From Every Angle

While the Olympus Trip 35 is a wonderful point-and-click model that oozes simplicity, it’s possible to take those photos to the next level through a range of success. At Trip Man, we have you covered from every angle through an array of accessories. These include those that were designed specifically for this model as well as versatile options from this golden era of photography and compact cameras.

Whether it’s a flash gun, straps, cases, hoods or any other accessory, we can help create the perfect package for your all photography. Furthermore, we provide premium quality 35mm film to ensure your moments are captured in the perfect style time and time again.

Old school photography never felt so good.