Olympus 35 mm Cameras

Rediscover the joys of photography with Olympus 35 mm cameras.

Simple Photography, Stunning Results

Do you ever look at your high-tech digital SLR and long for a simpler time when capturing the moment with great photos didn’t require a University degree in the fine art of photography? If so, Trip Man can help you go back in time with a range of fully refurbished Olympus 35 mm cameras that are guaranteed to produce winning shots time and time again.

Simplicity is the king, and an Olympus 35 mm camera oozes it at every turn. Whether it’s a fully automatic camera or one that requires a little bit of work, framing and taking perfect photographs has never been simpler. And let’s face it; there’s something uniquely special about holding one of those compact, lightweight, cult classics in your hands.

Aside from the stunning shots, shooting in analogue rather than digital enables you to actually see a physical print of the photos too. If that doesn’t make photography feel more magical, what will?

Olympus 35 mm Cameras For All Needs

The Olympus brand was a major player throughout photography’s golden era between the 1960s and 1980s. Unsurprisingly, they produced a wide range of compact 35 mm cameras in that time. Trip Man has one of the largest stockpiles of recently refurbished models, and continues to receive new items every single week.

Whether it’s an EE Pen, a Trip, or any other 35 mm camera from the Olympus catalogue doesn’t matter. We stock units of various ages, colours, and models, and take great pride in connecting clients with their preferred solution.

All cameras come with six-month warranties and have been treated with the love and care that we’d give to our own Olympus 35 mm cameras. They come fully serviced and include new light seals. We even ship worldwide, bringing the joy of old school photography to all.

A Modern Twist To An Old Classic

While there's no doubting that the simple beauties of the Olympus 35mm range have never been beaten, it is possible to surpass their former glory. In addition to a wide range of accessories from this golden period, including universal ones as well as Olympus-specific products, Trip Man produces a range of its own.

These are primarily leather straps that take the classic look of those iconic cameras to an entirely new level while also bringing something fresh to the table. Hand-made hardwood grips add a special ingredient while our photo frames add a nice tough to the final printouts.

What Next?

Whether you’re new to the world of Olympus 35 mm cameras or want to rediscover a classic doesn’t matter. We can help you find the perfect camera model and accessories to bring your photography dreams to life. From keen amateurs to experienced professionals, everyone needs an Olympus compact camera amongst their arsenal.

From the moment you look through that viewfinder to take your first photo, photography will never be the same again. And that’s a Trip Man promise.