Trip Man on Etsy

We also sell a selection of our late Olympus Trip 35 cameras on Etsy. These cameras are the same high quality and have a 6-month warranty. We have 5 star reviews and ship cameras around the world. Have a look at our Etsy store here:

Update - Olympus Trip Prices 2019

Good news and bad news in as much as we have had to raise the price of our cameras a little on the website. This is because we are finding it harder and harder to find good Trips at a reasonable price.     On e-bay for example, the prices have risen by at least £15 on average in the last year. For Trip owners this is good news as the value of their camera has risen and is set to continue to increase, making them a good investment.

I believe we can easily justify the price of our Trips. Ours are excellent value considering we have completed a full service and replaced the light seals. All cameras have had any necessary repairs. We don't sell cameras with dents. We buy lots of cameras with damaged bodies, but we use these for spare parts. Probably every 3rd or 4th camera we buy is only suitable for parts. 

We sell the cameras fully serviced/repaired like this so that we can be confident in offering our 6-month worldwide warranty. 

There are many other sellers out there claiming to have serviced a Trip and with new leather and light seals. Some are done better than others. Many offer no warranty. I believe we are the best in the market, having 10 years experience doing what we do. We have more than 2000 happy customers around the world and we have lots of repeat customers. (Thank you to all of you!)


New website coming soon

We are working on our new website! It will have the same great products but will be easier to navigate and will have a more refreshing, modern look. We will be specialising in just a few different cameras:

  • Olympus Trip 35 - early, silver button version
  • Olympus OM1 SLR - one of the finest completely mechanical, manual compact 35mm SLR system cameras
  • Rolleicord Vb - The last and best of the Rolleicord 6 x 6 cm TLR Medium format cameras
  • Rolleiflex T - the best value for money Rolleiflex TLR

All our cameras will have been professionally serviced and have a warranty. 

We hope to launch the new wesbite by March 2019. It will include a new blog with useful information and tips.