Photography Courses

I am helping to run a series of photography courses starting 1st July 2018 at Dimbola, Freshwater Bay, Isle of Wight. 

We'll be doing everything from pinhole, 35mm, large format and Wet Plate Collodian processes. Basic courses in how to take B&W photos on your 35mm camera are available and you can learn how to process your own film and then produce B&W prints in the darkroom at Dimbola.

Dimbola is the historical home of Julia Margaret Cameron, a famous Victorian photographer. She took photos of Tennyson, Charles Darwin, Lewis Carrol, G.F.Watts and Sir John Herschel. The house is now a museum and gallery, worthy of a visit in any event.

For more information on the courses, send us an e-mail or check out their website


The Conran Shop

We are proud to announce that we now have our Olympus Trip 35 cameras for sale in The Conran Shop in Marylebone, Chelsea and Selfridges in London and also in the Paris store.

The cameras will be supplied in a neat package with lens cap, wrist strap and instructions. As well as our favourite leathers, some new colours and textures of leather will be available, not previously sold on our website.



The Photographers' Gallery

We also sell our Trips in The Photographers' Gallery in Central London just near Oxford Circus and Liberty's. There may be some cameras there with a different colour and type of leather than those on our website. The gallery has a great bookshop in the basement and our Trips have pride of place in the glass display cabinet. They come with instructions, lens cap and wrist strap in a little white box.


Museum Photo Frames

New - Museum Photo Frames in Real Hardwood!

We are launching our own range of high quality photo frames and will be selling them here on our website plus a new Museum Frames website, as well as on our Etsy and Folksy stores. I've been framing pictures for years but have only recently decided to sell ready-made photo frames. They will be hand-built using the finest hardwoods and museum quality components - unbuffered cotton mount boards and the best UV glass. They will be made to last and designed to protect your precious photos for a lifetime.



Update - Olympus Trip Prices 2018

Good news and bad news in as much as we have had to raise the price of our cameras a little on the website. This is because we are finding it harder and harder to find good Trips at a reasonable price.     On e-bay for example, the prices have risen by at least £15 on average in the last year. For Trip owners this is good news as the value of their camera has risen and is set to continue to increase, making them a good investment.

I believe we can easily justify the price of our Trips. Ours are excellent value considering we have completed a full service and replaced the light seals. All cameras have had any necessary repairs. We don't sell cameras with dents. We buy lots of cameras with damaged bodies, but we use these for spare parts. Probably every 3rd or 4th camera we buy is only suitable for parts. 

We sell the cameras fully serviced/repaired like this so that we can be confident in offering our 6-month worldwide warranty. 

There are many other sellers out there claiming to have serviced a Trip and with new leather and light seals. Some are done better than others. Many offer no warranty. I believe we are the best in the market, having 10 years experience doing what we do. We have more than 2000 happy customers around the world and we have lots of repeat customers. (Thank you to all of you!)