What Our Customers Say

Updated 12/01/2019

Many thanks for delivery of my Olympus Trip and also red filter last week. The camera looks like brand new and it looks fantastic. I had been looking through eBay before Icame across your website, and I am so glad that I purchased the camera through yourselves as the camera is so nice looking and has had a full service and also comes with a full 6 months guarantee. Overall I am really chuffed to have found your site and would certainly recommend anyone else who wants to buy an olympus trip 35 to purchase from yourselves. Many thanks.            Norman. Aldershot Hants.

Hi, Camera has arrived today and the condition is just what I was looking for. Just a quick email to say thanks for the quick turnaround and great customer service, look forward to dealing with you again in the future.             Regards Karl, Staffordshire

 I received the package yesterday. Thank you very much! I sincerely appreciate the original (near mint!) Olympus Y2 filter (and, in fact, shot half a roll of Tri-X today using it) along with the Olympus push-on cap and original instruction booklet. Everything is in excellent condition and I'm looking forward to shooting many rolls this year. It makes an excellent companion for my OM-1. Your service is top-notch and I look forward to purchasing from you again. Cheers,     Scott, Maryland USA

Just thought I would let you know my camera arrived safely today, brilliant service and camera very impressed. Kind regards, Adrian,  Hertfordshire

Just got the cameras and they look great!  Thank you so much for putting this all together so fast, I'm really excited to be able to give these to my groomspeople! I found you curteous, responsive, and flexible.  The cameras shipped faster than expected and were beautifully restored.  It really was an excellent experience ordering from you.Thanks again!                  Andrew , Georgetown USA

Dear Paul and TripmanUK, I received my trip 35 yesterday and I cannot believe how good it looks, it is in pristine condition. I just put my first roll of film in it and I cannot wait to see the results.Thank you for keeping film alive for those of us who enjoy it!  Keep up the good work,         Diana, Amsterdam

Just wanted to let you know that I received the camera on Friday and have been having a blast going through my first roll of 35mm B&W film in years. Hope your weekend went well and thanks for the time you put into this camera :) Cheers,                                   Ferris, Tennessee, USA

The Olympus 35 SP arrived today and I am delighted with it. Thank you for getting it to me so quickly - excellent service! I will be ordering form you again. Kind regards,            Ian, Berkshire

Just wanted to thank you for the exemplary service, that is second to none! Any and all questions were answered promptly and honestly. You have gone the extra mile and then some to provide me with the pleasure of enjoying a near pristine camera in excellent working order. The glass sparkles and the new skin looks smashing! Your trip is the truly best camera I have to shoot with, even more enjoyable than digital! Thank you for the opportunity to continue to enjoy shooting film with a lovely classic camera. Rod, Canada

Just a quick note to thank you for getting my order to me so quickly. I’ve just opened up the box and the camera looks even nicer than on the website. I’m really excited to get some film in it and give it a whirl. Thanks again for a gorgeous little camera.                    Steve, Stirling

Hello Paul,Camera, Gordy strap and orange filter all arrived in Aberdeen in perfect condition. I cannot thank you enough I'm delighted with the quality of the camera and the fitting of the leather to the bodyis faultless. View finder is so clear you would think the camera was brand new. Please let me know when you get  more of the wooden grips for the Trip in stock.Thank you. Regards              Dave, Aberdeen


Thank you very much for the replacement camera. Outstanding customer care. Mark, Devon

I've just received my Olympus 35SP, thanks for the speedy service and lovely clean camera. What a gorgeous piece of kit, I'm so happy and cannot wait to start shooting with it :-) Simon, Reigate, Surrey

I just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful Trip you have just sent me.  I am going to load it now, it is a really lovely looking camera and thanks so much for sending it so quickly.  It will be off on holiday with me as a little brother to my Leica M and am looking forward to having print and digital with me on the same trip.You have provided a first class service, well done and thank you        Des, Berkshire

My Olympus Trip has arrived along with the strap, cap and bumpers. It's absolutely beautiful and everything fits perfectly.  I'm so happy, leaving for the Cook Islands tomorrow - the Trip will be my main shooter.                                                      Otis Huggins,Port Melbourne, Australia

Just letting you know my Trip arrived today and I am very, very happy with it, thankyou so much, it was a pleasure doing business with you.                        Annette Holl, Paris

Just letting you know my trip arrived in the mail on Saturday and I am in love! I've already used two rolls of film and I'm now on my third roll. It really is an amazing camera and I'm very happy with the white leather. Keep it up! Thank you!                                Samantha Keller, Boulder, USA

Very nice that someone keeps these amazing cameras alive and help other Trip rescuers!  Liro Niemi, Finland

Just got my new Pen EE-3 camera, it’s great, really pleased and I’ll be putting a film through it asap! Many thanks,                                                          Piers, Richmond

Thank you for my order of the Olympus 35 RC with UV filter which arrived this morning. This is a lovely little camera and in almost pristine condition considering it's age. Slightly smaller than the Trip but heavier. The light cobalt blue leather finish really sets it off as well. I now have three cameras from this line, a Pen EE-3 half frame which I must have got for a few pounds back in the 1980's. The Trip with an orange vinyl finish which I got last year, and now the Olympus 35 RC. Many thanks,                       G.Todd, Glasgow

I just received my Trip 35 yesterday and right away I began loading film and taking pictures. I developed the three rolls I used today and I am truly convinced this is one of the best, if not, the best camera i've ever owned! Thank you so much Paul!                                             Victor, Fullerton, USA

My camera is awesome! And it’s really so beautiful.                                    Erwin, Dubai


Not a lot but just to say keep up the good work and I'm glad to see that your doing the half-frame stuff now.  I've got some amazing pictures with my PEN EE-3.  Good enough images to go with a magazine article!           Neil

Thanks Paul the camera arrived this morning and thank you for the quick turn around and a wonderful camera  (the students love it).                       Bob, North Warwickshire &  Hinkley College


I just wanted to say thanks for the Trip 35. It's a lovely model - the kind I coveted for years when I was young but could never afford - and for sending it out so promptly.                                                     Iain, Durham

Received my trip a couple of days ago, fantastic, just in time for new year! Thanks also for the upgrade.                                           John, Devon

 Just a short note to let you know how much I''m enjoying the Trip 35, lens hood and filters I purchased. The prices were right and the shipping quick. I''m putting this wonderful camera through its paces now. Many thanks!            Leigh Hanlon  Chicago, USA

I just wanted to say thanks very much indeed for sending the Olympus Trip items that I recently purchased . You provided a terrific service which was much appreciated. Thank you. Tim Hook, Surrey

Yesterday I took delivery of the black goatskin Trip 35 and accessories. You have really excelled in doing such a fine job on refurbishing this camera. It looks excellent with it''s original Olympus lens hood, soft shutter release and black ''Gordy'' leather wrist strap.I look forward to putting some FP4 through it this weekend and getting some fine results from the 40mm f2.8 Zuiko lens. Gordon McGowan. Nottingham

 Got my Gordy strap.  LOVE IT! thanks Ned, Oxford

 My filter arrived today. I''m absolutely delighted. Thank you. Zakk, Kent

My filter, lens cap  and rubber  lens hood arrived yesterday –thanks for an excellent service. They fit my newly acquired Olympus RC as well.            Raymond Barrett Auckland NZ 

Hi Paul, just writing to say thanks for sending out the replacement Trip following the problems with the previous unit. The new Trip 35 you sent looks and works as new and I'm very happy with the camera and your customer service alike. Will be a returning customer and highly recommend to anyone interested in buying a Trip. All the best.                                 Thomas Crouch,Victoria, Australia


The Trip 35 is in perfect condition, I''m so happy with the camera and the results. I can''t thank you enough!                  Juliette, Australia.


7-10 working days be damned - ordered on Sunday, arrived on Wednesday, complete with "cool serial number." Looks like new, too. Brilliant service, I can''t wait to get the film loaded and start snapping. Thanks!  Lee, Oxfordshire


 I have received the fantastically snaky trip...Thank you.            Melissa, Devon


 I got the 35 Trip today and am so pleased.  You guys did a great job on it. Thanks so much.  Will order again soon.              Steven Brys, NJ USA 


  I received the new Trip today and I must say it looks fantastic - you''ve picked out a very nice one - thanks very much for that. Thanks again Paul for the great service.           Chris Fleet, Wiltshire, UK


 Paul, Camera is here, wonderful, thank you so very much.         Oren, Romsey, Hampshire, UK


Thank You! I received the goods today and I thought I''d just say thank you! I am very pleased about your service!!!
Christian, York, UK


Hi Paul, Thanks for that as I appreciate you are busy with the Paul Smith order. My daughter will think it very cool  that she has her camera from the person who supplies Paul Smith!               Sheena, Hertfordshire, UK


Hi Paul, All arrived safe and sound. Man that was quick!  Many thanks! Cheers, Greg, Toronto, Canada


Dear Trip Man, I just received my Olympus Trip 35 (Dark Green) today in Marietta, GA.  It is a beautiful camera in excellent condition!  I will test it out tomorrow.  Thank you for providing an excellent product at a fair price.Much appreciated! Sam Ashby Marietta, USA


The trip I bought from you has turned out to be the best camera I''ve ever had. I absolutely love it. Mike stafford, Somerset, UK


Dear Paul, Was very excited to recieve my Olympus Trip this afterrnoon much earlier than I''d anticpated! Thank you for the wonderfully prompt service - I think me and my Trip are going to have a lot of fun together this summer! Best wishes,                    Richard Lewis, London, UK



I received the parcel today without any hassle or broken content. I am eager to play with my new optics. Thanks once again. You are just awesome.          Sambit. Bangalore, INDIA


I have received the camera. Thank you very much, it looks perfect. Can''t wait to try it!  Vaida, London