Trip Man

Olympus OM1N MD Black


Beautiful classic SLR. Fully serviced. 6 month warranty. Completely mechanical and manual for full creative control.

Our OM1n cameras have not only been serviced, but the light meter has been calibrated to take 1.5 volt batteries. This enables you to buy LR9/ PX625 batteries almost anywhere. The camera will drop the voltage to 1.35v so it measures exposures more accurately. 

We chose to stock the OM1n over any other SLR because we think it was the best fully mechanical SLR built by Olympus. The 'N MD' variant is the latest version of the OM1 and therefore has the best combination of rugged build quality and features. It accepts a huge range of OM accessories and lenses and takes a motor winder. 

Best of all, the camera can be used without batteries (they just power the meter). So if you are travelling miles from civilisation, you can still use the full range of shutter speeds. 

Our camera is in lovely original condition. Only very minor signs of use. No dents. New light seals fitted. The viewfinder is nice and clear. Many old OM SLR cameras suffer with rubber debris in the finder. 

Buy this brilliant camera with 50mm Zuiko lens. See also our wide range of OM accessories. The camera is supplied with a brand new battery.




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