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Olympus Trip 35 Repair and Refurbishment Service UK


Update: 30/11/2023: Our refurbishment service is on temporary hold until the New Year. This is so we can catch up with existing service orders, and to enable us to provide sufficient cameras for sale on our website (and at The Photographer's Gallery, London) during the Christmas period. 

Expertly refurbished by Trip Man, complete with a full 12 month warranty, just like a new camera. We will perform a full repair, strip down, service, clean and refurbishment of your camera so that it is fully functional again, to our exacting standards. Choose which colour leather you would like. We need to remove the original leatherette to complete repairs and servicing and in our experience, it is never very successful trying to reapply the original leatherette. Also, the original covering is often damaged and dirty.

This exclusive service for UK customers includes the following:

  • Full service of the exposure mechanism - aperture, shutter and light meter.
  • Replacement of light cells/meter if required (with good used parts, guaranteed for 12 months). 
  • Check function of the low-light warning (red flag) auto mechanism.
  • Check and clean lens assembly - strip down and clean the 4 lens elements and check focus adjustment.
  • Clean and reseal viewfinder - clean the 4 lens viewfinder elements.
  • Replace light seals with factory specification new light seal foam. 
  • Check operation of wind-on and frame counter mechanism.
  • Check operation of flash hot shoe and x-synch socket .
  • Check operation of film rewind mechanism.
  • Replacement or repair of dented filter rim, so it can accept 43.5mm filters.
  • Repair and replacement of any defective parts (excluding cosmetic dents/scratches to the top/base plates - this will be regarded as 'patina' and kept original for you!).
  • Full clean, inside and out - polish metal surfaces. 
  • Replacement of leatherette with your choice of new custom leather.

The turn-around time for this service is approximately 2 - 3 weeks plus postage time. It is a UK-only service. Postage is just £5.50.  

Simply add this item to your shopping cart, choosing the colour of leather you require when you make payment.

Before sending your camera to us, please e-mail us with the serial number and shipping tracking number to: 

When you send us your camera, please include a note in the parcel with your return address details.  We will let you know when we have received your camera and when we have completed the service. 

This service is for only UK customers and applies to the Olympus Trip 35 (1967-1984) with silver or black shutter buttons, as pictured on this website, and not later plastic-bodied versions from 1984 onward.  

Trust Trip Man to restore your treasured camera so you can enjoy it for years to come.

Our address for this service is:

Trip Man Service, 102B Station Road, Netley Abbey, Southampton, Hampshire, SO31 5AJ,


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