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Olympus Trip 35 Manual Conversion & Refurbishment Service


We now offer the full Trip Man Manual Conversion Service for your own Olympus Trip 35 camera.

Send us your camera and have it expertly refurbished by Trip Man, complete with a full 12 month warranty. We will perform a full conversion to manual exposure, strip down, service, clean and refurbishment of your camera so that it is fully functional. We will remove the light meter internal components and set the shutter speed at 1/200.  Exposure control is then made by manually adjusting the aperture. You can get creative with filters (such as different neutral density filters to control how much light enters the lens). Choose which colour leather you would like.

One of the main advantages of the manual conversion Trip 35 is that it has no light meter and you have full control of the exposure. There is also less to go wrong - the camera is stripped back to basics.

This service includes the following:

  • Convert exposure mechanism to manual - dry lubricate the aperture, shutter and deactivate the light meter.
  • Removal of the low-light warning (red flag) auto mechanism. This allows the shutter to fire in ANY light conditions, e.g. dim light with fast film.
  • Check and clean lens assembly - strip down and clean the 3 lens elements and check focus adjustment.
  • Clean and reseal viewfinder - clean the 3 lens viewfinder elements.
  • Replace light seals with factory specification new light seal foam. 
  • Check operation of wind-on and frame counter mechanism.
  • Deactivate the flash hotshoe and x-synch socket (because the shutter is only firing at 1/200, the camera can no longer be used with electronic flash guns.)
  • Any film speed can be used in the camera - not limited to 400ASA.
  • Check operation of film rewind mechanism.
  • Replacement or repair of dented filter rim, so it can accept 43.5mm filters.
  • Repair and replacement of any defective internal parts (excluding cosmetic dents/scratches to the top/base plates - this will be regarded as 'patina' and kept original for you!).
  • Full clean, inside and out - polish metal surfaces. 
  • Replacement of leatherette with your choice of new custom leather.
  • We will include an instruction booklet that explains how to make best use of the manual camera, including exposure advice.

The turn-around time for this service is approximately 2 weeks plus shipping time. It is a world-wide service. Shipping is calculated at the check-out.

Simply add this item to your shopping cart, choosing the colour of leather you require.

Before sending your camera to us, we recommend taking a few photos of your camera, so you have a record of its condition. We also ask if you can please send us an e-mail with the serial number and the shipping tracking number to:

When you send us your camera, please include a note in the parcel with your return address details. Please don't send us a camera without first making payment for this service on our website.

If you are shipping your camera from outside the EU, you must state on the customs form that it is a defective camera sent for repair, with a nominal value, otherwise it may get delayed at the UK border and extra fees may be incurred (for which you would be responsible) for VAT and customs duties. 

We recommend that you send us your camera by a tracked and insured mail or courier service. Please ensure that you carefully package your camera so it does not get damaged in transit. A box is better than an envelope/jiffy bag. You don't need to use too much sticky tape on the bubble wrap though. We will take the same care when returning your refurbished camera. We will let you know when we have received your camera and when we have completed the service. We will photograph your camera on arrival, so we have a record of its condition too.

This service only applies to the Olympus Trip 35 (1967-1984) with silver or black shutter buttons, as pictured on this website, and not later plastic-bodied versions from 1984 onwards.

Trust Trip Man to convert and restore your treasured camera so you can enjoy it for years to come.

For more details about our manual conversions, see this link:

Manual Conversions

Our address for this service is:

Trip Man Service, 352 Balmoral Drive, Hayes, Middlesex, UB4 8DL, UK.


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