Trip Man

Very Early Trip 35 with 6-digit serial number, boxed


A beautiful original Olympus Trip 35 built in 1972, one of the first million of Trip 35's manufactured. 

6-digit serial number cameras are now quite rare and collectible. This one has a serial number of 987491 and the film pressure plate has a date code  B 2 - 6  showing it was built in June 1972. Notice the shiny chrome edges on the hotshoe - a nice unique feature of these very early Trips.

This one is in lovely original condition with the original black leatherette and good black paintwork, which has not been touched-up. 

We have completed a full service and cleaned inside and out, and fully tested the light meter and shutter. The red flag pops up when the light is too low. New light seals have been fitted and it is ready to use. 

The 40mm Zuiko lens is lovely and clear, free from marks, scratches, dust or fungus. The viewfinder has also been cleaned and is nice and bright and clear. 

In excellent condition - there are no dents and only minor bright marks on the base and a few tiny marks on the front above the lens.

The photos are of the actual camera for sale. We only get a few of these cameras each year. This is a nice example.  

The camera will be supplied with an original push-on Olympus lens cap and original Trip 35 box.

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