Analog Insights Review of the Trip 35

I had the pleasure of meeting Max in Munich and doing a photo walk around the Westend district with my black Trip 35. Max was doing a review on the Trip for his Analog Insights YouTube channel. We had a great time taking b&w photos in the side streets. I'm a bit of a fan of his channel and was really pleased when he contacted me to ask about the Trip 35. I thought it would be more fun to fly out to Germany and meet him in person, rather than do a video call. 

Max, Jules and Greg run a great channel, promoting the use of film and reviewing classic cameras. I really like the quality of the presentation and content and have been a subscriber to Analog Insights for the last few years. It was like meeting a celebrity - they have 50,000 subscribers, but Max was so welcoming and down-to-earth. He was genuinely interested in every aspect of the Trip 35 and his review is honest and fair. 

This is possibly the most comprehensive review of the Trip 35 yet. I recommend you watch this whether you are looking to buy a Trip or are already a user. 

The whole experience was uplifting - my first international journey since the start of 2000 and I found a new friend; we've been in contact ever since and have some more plans for the future. I am hoping to launch my own Trip Man YouTube channel soon - Max has offered to give me some hints and tips as I get started.

Here is a link to the YouTube video review - enjoy.