Inspiration for Trip 35 colour

What inspires you? 

This morning I was blown away by the vivid colour of some flowers in the garden outside my workshop. I was heading to the workshop to refurbish a late Trip 35 camera and was immediately inspired by the deep pink of these little flowers. 

We had only planted them out a week ago - they had previously been in a part of the garden that had too much shade and just moving them into a sunnier spot has brought them to life. I thought to myself "I could do the same for this little camera". It had been languishing in a drawer somewhere for many years and I was about to breathe some life into it by restoring it to its former glory. But rather than leave it in the original black leatherette, I just knew it would look great in this vivid pink leather.

I was so pleased that I did this - the camera just looks stunning and it will now be the star of the show for someone willing to give it a new home! It will certainly draw attention wherever it goes and hopefully it will inspire the new owner to take some bright, colourful photos this summer. 

I'd recommend some Kodak Gold 200 film to achieve bold, beautiful colours on nice bright days. The 200 film speed will give you a good aperture and shutter combination, for nice sharp images.

Be inspired to get out and take some photos, wherever you are. Give your camera the outing it deserves and bring home some great colour photos to cherish for years to come.