Local Autumn and Winter Photography

As autumn turns into winter, I found myself out in the local woodland enjoying the colours with trees shrouded in freezing mist. An inspirational landscape that just gave me a few hours of pleasure last weekend.

As I walked through the woods, I just kept wanting to snap away using the 40mm lens to frame up a wide variety of compositions, from things close-up to the more obvious wider landscapes. It was pretty fresh and I was all wrapped up, comfortable and just immersing myself in my photography. I kept thinking that I should do this more often. I'm sure this was doing me good, not just physically, but more importantly, mentally. Some much-needed time alone in the elements, breathing-in that oxygen.

The Trip 35 is perfect for this type of walk. It is compact, so I could put it safely in my pocket between shots. I wasn't held back by having loads of photo gear. A fixed focal length is also great for concentrating the mind. 40mm is just about the same field of view to the human eye and this helps to imagine compositions even before putting the camera up to my eye. The perspective is easy to comprehend, with everything looking natural - ideal in the wild.

I was less than a mile from home too. I had forgotten how beautiful the woods are here. It goes to show that you don't need to travel half way across the country to find inspiration and fabulous scenery. I love the fact that my little camera gives me a good excuse to get out and about. I came home fully refreshed and glad that I'd made the effort. 

I must try to get out more, in all different weather and explore my local area. 

Try a roll of Kodak 400 ASA film on your next local walk.