Ultimate Travel Camera?

Olympus designed a camera for the people - one that was affordable and easy to use and could be taken anywhere. No batteries required. It was so successful that it was produced from 1968 to 1984. 

If you had to take just one camera with you on a really long adventure, you'd want the Olympus Trip 35. It has the following attributes:

  • Solid build quality, made from metal
  • Decent quality fixed lens with a similar field of view to the human eye (40mm) with a reasonably fast aperture for sharp pictures
  • Simple mechanics, so less can go wrong, no fancy electronics
  • No batteries - charging batteries is a pain at the best of times, but while travelling, even more so
  • Small enough to go in your jacket pocket
  • Versatile and able to accept filters, lens hoods, flash guns as and when needed
  • Takes 35mm film - available around the world and easy to process anywhere
  • Tried and tested by literally millions of people
  • Inexpensive - if it does break, it can be fixed or replaced quite cheaply

The best camera is the one you've got with you! The Trip 35 is so handy, you can have it with you anywhere. Keep it in the glovebox on a road trip, in your backpack on a hike, in your saddlebag on a cycle tour. or just carry it with a wrist strap as you stroll along the seafront. 

The images this thing is capable of will also make you glad you took it on your holiday. Having a film camera also means that you'll have the prints to show and keep, unlike digital images that rarely get printed these days. Some of my favourite photos are from holidays when my kids were young. I have them displayed in small frames at home.