Why buy a camera that hasn't been serviced?

Classic cameras are a bit like classic cars in as much as they just need a bit of care and attention now and again to keep them looking and working at their best, to protect your investment. 

Also buying a camera that has just been professionally serviced gives peace of mind - you can be assured that it will work exactly the way it was intended. It will be pleasant to use - no faults or little glitches, just fully working, smooth and a joy to use. 

There are lots of places to buy a classic camera; in-person or on-line. Buying face-to-face will give you an opportunity to test the goods, to fully inspect it before buying. But finding exactly what you are looking for locally is not easy. Buying on-line makes sense if you are searching for a niche product. But this comes with some risks. You have just got the word of the seller and the images and product description to go on. 

Buying from on-line auction sites can give you choice and some safeguards - but often the seller does not know the product very well and offers a vague description. This could result in the item not being as you'd hoped and you have to enter into negotiations to get a discount or send the product back - a bit of a hassle! You might consider getting the camera fixed and or serviced, but this will cost you much more.

Buying niche products on-line from an expert in their field will give you much more reassurance. They will know the camera thoroughly and are more likely to describe it accurately. Many will test the product and offer a warranty. The best way to buy is to ensure the product has not only been tested, but recently professionally serviced. You might pay a premium for this but it will still be more economical than buying a product and then taking it somewhere yourself afterwards - repairs and servicing can be costly, plus, who do you trust to do a good job?

Once you buy a camera that has been refurbished, restored, serviced and even upgraded by an expert, you will never buy a lesser product again - you will love your camera and it will give you faithful service for many years to come. 

At Trip Man, we have been selling cameras in this way for over a decade and couldn't do it any other way. We want our customers to be happy and what better way to do this than to fully prepare the camera before it is sent out. Trip Man also offer a full year's warranty - the same as if you had bought a new camera.

So don't take risks when spending your hard-earned money on that classic camera. Go straight to the experts and enjoy.