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Gordy's Leather Wrist Strap


High Quality Wrist Strap, hand-made with real cowhide leather.

This strap has soft leather with a quality colour thread.

Made by GORDY in the USA, these are probably the best wrist straps money can buy.

The thread matches our cameras very nicely. We stock the  Gordy's 'long' version - 6 5/8" (16.5cm) in length - about the same as the original Olympus wrist strap.

Elegant and rugged all at once. The leather softens nicely with use and is an extremely comfortable way to hold your camera.

A black rubber o-ring slides to reduce the strap opening. The strap comes with a 1/2" split ring to attach to the camera.

These are beautifully hand-made using real cowhide leather and are a real luxury, transforming the way your camera handles.

The leather is served with .040" (1mm) diameter thread that is heavy duty and waxed for durability.

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