Trip Man

Used non-Olympus 43.5mm skylight or UV filter


Used non-Olympus 43.5mm skylight or UV filter in optically very good condition.

No scratches or fungus. Filter will offer good protection for your Trip 35 - The filter rim of the Trip 35 is a little vulnerable to knocks, being right at the front of the camera.

Skylight filters will reduce glare and bluish tint of daylight. The UV filter reduces glare and haze. They both protect the front lens element of the camera. 43.5mm UV filters are now harder to find than Skylight filters.

These filters have a 43.5mm filter thread on the front, but have slight dents to this outer thread so you cannot attach screw-on hoods and other filters. They are deep enough so as not to interfere with the focus on the Trip as you focus.  

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