Trip Man

Manual Exposure Early Olympus Trip 35


The iconic Olympus Trip 35, expertly refurbished by Trip Man, complete with a 12 month warranty. This version has been converted for manual exposure only, for much more creative control.

The light meter and automatic exposure system have been disabled - the red flag does not pop up in the viewfinder when the light levels are too low. Instead, the apertures can be set manually for correct exposure.

The shutter speed has been set at 1/200 only. The lower shutter speed of 1/40 has been disabled and so this camera cannot be used with flash. To set the correct exposure, you can make use of an external light meter, a light meter 'App' on your mobile phone or use the traditional 'sunny 16 rule' (estimated exposure). 

The camera enables greater creativity and flexibility compared to the normal auto-only Trip 35. You are not limited to film speeds of 400ASA. You can also use filters to adjust the exposure, such as red/orange/yellow filters for B&W, or Neutral Density (ND) filters. A Polarising filter will also reduce the amount of light. These filters will enable you to select a wider aperture and thus have a shallower depth of field, isolating your subject.

This is the silver shutter button version of the Trip 35, made between 1968 and the mid 1970's. Fully serviced and refurbished with new leather and light seals. The camera has been cleaned inside and out with the Zuiko 40mm f2.8 lens and viewfinder being nice and clear.There may be some signs of age, no nasty dents, but just a nice 'patina'.  

Earlier Trips have a silver shutter button; later models have black buttons. Inside the camera there are a number of differences, as the camera evolved over time, parts were made from different materials. Earlier models are a fraction heavier because of the components. Early models tend to be a little more expensive due to their being harder to find in good working order. Both models are built to last though and will produce the same excellent results.

The Zuiko 40mm f2.8 lens is famous for being sharp. These cameras were built to last and need no batteries. An excellent way to experience 35mm photography and get creative. A good investment in a classic, iconic film camera, unique from Trip Man.


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